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Strctured Schema Markup For Optometrist Project
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Are you wondering which is the right schema type for your new SEO optometrist project? Read this article for detailed guidance on Schema for Optometrists.

Okay, so here is a quick answer to your question with proof at Next Web News .

All you need to know about type of optometrist

The optometrist is also called as optician or Optometric Or Optometry Or ophthalmologist.

My Experience on this question

so yesterday I trying to make a schema for my client optometrist SEO project and I have found that Optometric and optician is a part of your schema type. so I completed my schema using optometric type but when I test schema code in testing tool, they give me error called “type optometric is not recognized by google”. so now I have a little bit confuse about the type of optometrists schema.

I started researching different ways and found the below solution for Optometrists schema type.

The optometrist is a local business, right?

so I have chosen my business type as a local business then I have chosen medicalbusiness as a primary category and choose medical clinic as a subcategory.

after that I have added an extra line of code:

MedicalSpecialty: “Optometrist”

and try to test schema code again and this time I have found 0 error. So This is the solution to your answer and all your confusion. see the below screenshot.

Schema For Optometrists

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