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The Biggest Social Media Company Facebook is now not secure. We all Know Facebook Privacy Scandals.

So we already know Privacy issue of Facebook and Facebook is already owners of Instagram and whats app. So Instagram and whats app also have same privacy issue. So we definitely looking into new social media apps for our safety .

let’s look into some new social media app, which you might be love to use. Mastodon, SocialX and Minds have New Social Media which Comes up with Privacy Feature.

Mastodon – Just like twitter

Mastodon New Social Media App just like twitter.
Mastodon – New Social Media App

Mastodon: Mastodon is online Social Media Platform. it’s Design and Interface is just like Twitter, if you are Twitter user get easily adapt with this new social media app mastodon. Mastodon Giving you 500 character limit per post to share your Post with your followers.

Why Mastodon is so better than Twitter?

Mastodon uses blockchain System

it’s Design is Similar to twitter but give you better Privacy as compared to twitter.

SocialX – New Social Media App

SocialX is a Photo and Video sharing social Media platform just like instagram and facebook. Best Part of SocialX is it give some rewards to it;s user with Crypto currency and user can use this Currency on different crypto currency apps.

SocialX new social Media alternative
SocialX – Next Web News

why SocialX is Secure?

SocialX uses Blockchain  System to Protect user Privacy. So it’s user data is Completely safe.


Minds New Social Media App
Minds New Social Media App – Next Web News

Minds is Crypto Social Networking site that give user with some token for further usage. just like SocialX mind is also using blockchain to protect the server-wise user data. 

What You Should know about Minds Social Media App?

it’s give data Privacy to user and Minds not tracking user , so you it’s safe.

Conclusion – Next Web News

Now days Social Media app owners looking into new Technology for user Privacy. So basically they all Using Blockchain system. For More updates related to tech news – stay tuned with Next Web News.

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