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Businees Listing Local SEO

What is Local SEO?

Are You wondering about Business Listing in Local SEO is Working in 2019? For Your Off page SEO Activity Plan. SEO is one type of online or digital marketing strategy for your business marketing online.

SEO means Search engine Optimization – Next Web News.

There are many Type of SEO

  • Local SEO
  • International SEO
  • E-Commerce SEO

local SEO: Local SEO means we will target market area only around your city.

Business listing Local SEO
Business Listing in Local SEO

For example: if you have eye clinic in Ahmadabad, Gujarat(India) , so we in that case we just do local seo for your website because your patient comes from 10-15 kilometers (miles). so in that case our targeted area or targeted keyword is:

  • Eye Clinic in Ahmadabad
  • Eye Clinic in SG Highway ( it’s area of Ahmadabad)
  • Eye Clinic in Ahmadabad, Gujarat
  • Eye Clinic Near me

so that’s why it’s called as local seo because we will target only local audience.

what is business listing in Local Search engine Optimization?

Business listing is one type of off page seo activity . When we are planning to do Business listing for your local business – three things are important – NAP

N = Your Business Name
A - Your Business Address
p - your business phone number ( for leads)

This three things are important for your business listing startegy – Local SEO 2019.

Business listing effective in 2019?

Yes , Business listing is important off page activity in 2019 – (if you do it right way)

if you think now i started to submit business listing in 1000 web directory. this will not work for you my friend.

so how to do business listing in 2019?

If you want to start business listing activity – first thing is find best 50 directory according to your niche. check is Domain Authority and spam score and after that submit all your business information on directory.

Conclusion: Next Web News

yes, Business listing is still effective in local seo 2019 because if give you back-link with your keyword , Services and all. best part is sometime it also give you some conversion. so Do Business listing for your business now.

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