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Ayodhya verdict

Today India’s Biggest and Most Popular Topic Ayodhya Verdict is Comes to End. The SC Court Giving Final order to Government, Ram Temple Trust and Sunni Waqf Board on Ayodhya Land.

Let’s Look into quick update on The SC Court Judgement – Next Web News

  • The Supreme Court Orderd centre to build a New Trust for the temple construction.
  • Give 5 acres of land for babri Masjid.
  • The Court give 3 months time to make a new trust and identify and select new trustee for temple.
  • The SC give entire 2.77 acre land for Ram Mandir.
  • The Court also allocated Five Acres land to sunni waqf Board for Masjid.

Conclusion: Next Web News

Our Opinion on Ayodhya Land - Next Web News
Our Opinion on Ayodhya Land – Next Web News

Court’s judgement or Ayodhya’s judgement whatever it is, just remember one thing this our city, this is our people, this is our country. Unity and love is our real identity. Geeta or kuran never fight with each other. People who never read or understood real meaning of Geeta and kuran they’re fight with each other.

Be Indian, Be Human. – Next Web News

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