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How China Played with us?
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Let’s discuss a current hot topic – the coronavirus. The first case of coronavirus happened in Wuhan, which is the capital of China in around November 2019.

After that, The Corona Virus spread the entire world and destroyed the economy of many developed nations in the world like the USA, Italy, Spain and many more. However, it also affects the economy of developing nations like India. let’s discuss how china played with us – The Corona Virus.

How China Played With Us - The Corona Virus

The Reason why we think china played with us:

How Wuhan suddenly became free from this deadly virus? the also lifted their lockdown from Wuhan

  • The Corona Virus-infected all around the world then why if found difficult to reach “Beijing and shanghai”?
  • The Chinese market didn’t crash but the American and European markets did..
  • China created 2 big hospitals in Wuhan in just 10 days. So they are already prepared with it by ordering equipment, hiring labor,  building material etc.

Here are the stages of CoronaVirus:

  • Created virus and the antidote
  • Spread the virus in all major countries in the world.
  • Build New Hospitals in just 10 days
  • Quickly destroyed the economy of various countries
  • Because of this virus, many countries’ stock markets fell down and China bought companies at a low price.
  • Quickly control the pandemic in their country.
  • I think coronavirus is a Bioweapon created by China to destroy the economy of many developed countries.

World wide positive cases of The coronavirus:

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Next Web News Special: How China Played with us?

The Coronavirus created by china - nextwebnews

How the whole world is suffering at the moment, the crisis of Coronavirus has told.

You must have heard about Made in China products. You must have used many things in Made in China. Now everyone is getting to know about Made in China virus for the first time. China feels very bad when Coronavirus is called Made in China virus or Wuhan virus. But the truth is that the crisis that has created in the world is made by China.

first of all, China ignored this virus until weeks and then silenced those who told about the virus. China destroys test samples of corona infected patients.

China kept telling the world how dangerous the situation is, that is, it did not let the world know that the situation is now under control.

The history of Corona Virus in China:

The first case of Coronavirus arrived in China on 17 November. But Chinese officials kept the matter hidden until the end of December.

The voice of 29-year-old doctor Li Wenliang, who first warned about this virus, was suppressed. Doctor Li Wenliang later died of the virus himself.

From 1 to 5 new cases were reported in China from 17 November to 15 December. From December 15, these cases started increasing rapidly and by December 27 these cases reached 180, After which China started spreading the news of coronavirus to the world. Today there is a discussion of China’s lies on social media and there is a significant trend on Twitter #ChinaLiedPeopledied

This means that China lied and people are dying. If China had told about this virus earlier, the situation would have been different. Today, The virus coronavirus has spread all over the world but in China, the situation is under control – How? 

Think about your situation during this pandemic when you are trying to buy a new Chinese product.

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